Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pizza Business Expo With The Largest Pizza Trade Show In The World

By Anna Phommatham and Luis Galarza,

This Is A Pizza Business Expo You Don't Want To Miss!

Specially if you went to Nascent Food Service Exhibits with Bellissimo Foods at Pizza Expo, the Largest Pizza Trade Show in the World in March last year... This year the next pizza expo will be in Las Vegas on April just visit the Pizza Expo web site to get the schedule for the next trade show or any other upcoming event.

An expo is a great place to learn more about this type of restaurant business. Plus, you don't want to forget all the networking you will be doing there with other restaurant owners, suppliers, franchisees, and food industry leaders.

Hope you can make it to the event...

To Your Success,

Anna Phommatham, Restaurant Business Consultant

Pizza Business Unique Selling Proposition Marketing That Turn You Into A Celebrity

By Anna Phommatham and Luis Galarza,

A Pizza Business Needs A Great Unique Selling Proposition or USP That Can Make Your Marketing Turn You Into A Restaurant Celebrity... Today I'll Be talking About A Different Type Of USP, One That Doesn't Sell!

In my last blog post I point some of the benefits of having a good USP or unique selling proposition for pizza restaurants and also I told you how to develop a successful marketing message for your new or current pizza business.

The unique selling proposition development code that I gave you last time is a great way to create a strong tagline line that communitcate your best offer to your customers and prospects. But, that code is not the only way or the only type of USP that you can create for a pizza restaurant to turn it into a successful business, there is also those taglines that don't present any type of strong "order now" type of offer, but still can take your business to the next level and even turn you into a local or national celebrity.

How Can You Create A Unique Selling Proposition Or Marketing Message That Can Turn Me Into A Celebrity?

To do this you first need to remember that a USP need to communicate the reason why people should order pizza from your restaurant instead of just calling their local Domino's Pizza or any other competitor you may have... The message in your tagline need to communicate what you can offer different from your competitors or something your business can do:

- Better
- Different
- Appealing

But, to turn your pizza restaurant into a celebrity you need to add a few more thing to your marketing message and business strategy, you actually need to make your pizza company:

- Innovative
- Spectacular
- Incredible

If you can really finish this next phrase maybe you got it... I said maybe, because you need to make sure is true.

"We Provide The World's Only.... "

And then bingo... you're a pizza restaurant celebrity!

For a good example you can said that you provide the city's only 21 inches New York style pizza... well, this is an example because someone already have that unique selling proposition, which made them a New York celebrity. But, shows that it can be done...

Just take a look at the pizza picture on this blog post, yeah that's a pizza with the shape of a guitar. Go to Angelinas Pizza Restaurant web site to see how she turn her small business into a celebrity by selling celebrity named pizzas. And please order me a Paul McCartney while you're there :)

To Your Success,

Anna Phommatham, Restaurant Business Consultant
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