Monday, January 28, 2008

USP or Unique Selling Proposition For A Pizza Restaurants

By Anna Phommatham,

Did You Know That An USP or Unique Selling Proposition Was The Single Most Powerful Tactic Use By Some New Pizza Restaurant Owners Long Time Ago, Which Turn Them Into The Most Pizza Franchise That It Is Today... Yes, The Name Is Domino's Pizza!

I started this article with a successful life example of the power of a good USP (Unique Selling Proposition Or Message), because I wanted you to understand that this single marketing strategy can turn your new pizza business into a instant success... And that's what every new restaurateur dream of, a successful business that can generate a good steady income for years to come.

Domino's Pizza unique selling proposition or message was "We Deliver Your Pizza In 30 Minutes Or Is Free". What a strong USP, don't you think? But, can you learn anything about how to create or brainstorm a powerful USP or USM for your pizza restaurant that can turn you into the next super hero in your market. Of course, read that tagline again and see if you find the next qualities:

- It's simple
- It's direct
- It's Clear
- Targets a Problem
- Has a hook or unique offer

Most businesses or restaurants don't have a USP with all this ingredients, they usually have only the first 3, but that doesn't mean their unique selling proposition is not good. Some times you need to make it stand out by using better copywriting or headlines techniques and point your best selling benefit to your prospects.

If you want to build a powerful USP make sure you add this ingredients into the your marketing tagline recipe, you never know... you can hit the instant success button for your pizza business.

So, how can you come out with a strong unique selling proposition for your restaurant tag line?

Start by checking out your competition, tagline or slogan, see if they are using a good UPS, ask people what they think about their pizza and their service, ask what will be the local pizza restaurants are missing, and what will be the best solution to those problems. Asking is a very powerful research tool that can give you insides about what your target market really want.

Also, pay close attention to the big players in town's offers, coupons, prices, delivery time, and their advertisement.

Then analyze that information and look for your positioning in the market by offering something different or better, like:

- Lower prices
- Better Discounts
- Reward Program
- Faster Service
- Quality Customer Service
- A Good Guaranty
- Several payment options
- Many order channels
- Give Something For Free
- Etc.

Well, you get the point... so, first research your competitors offers and then follow the unique selling proposition or message points that I talked about at the beginning of this blog post.

To Your Success,

Anna Phommatham, Restaurant Business Consultant


  1. All things have to be carefully planned out, yes? I like this USP tactic and its benefits to a pizza business. Well, actually what struck me there was the word "unique". There are businesses that would take risks that they think of unique ideas and promotions just to get to the people.

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