Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Frank Pepe Started in the Pizza Business [Video]

In this video you gonna learn how Frank Pepe started a very successful pizza business in New Heaven called Pepe's Pizzeria, now own by his grand son Gary Bimonte. In this interview host by the guys from Pizza Therapy, the authors of one of the best recipes digital books on the market, Gary explains how his grandfather took the entrepreneurship road to start his own restaurant, which makes this a good case study for everyone wanting to invest in their own shop.

 Here is the interview:

Video by:

I hope this quick interview give you some motivation to go right ahead and start and market your own pizzeria.

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  1. This is an example of a successful pizza business. It seems they have always prepared their pizza the traditional way. That is why people are still craving for it long after the first serving was handed out.

    1. Sometimes traditional means better, specially when it comes to food!... :-)

    2. A lot of times actually. The kind of food businesses that excel are those that do in a traditional way. You can even start a fine dining restaurant and prepare food the traditional way. The speed in serving will be the challenge, but there are a lot of remedies :)

      Lonnie Lisa

  2. Tuscani pastas is been one of my fav food on my continental food list. Great post thoroughly enjoyed your post

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  3. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well. Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.


  4. Interesting views. Thanks for blogging about this. Wish I saw this post earlier.


  5. Frank Pepe is an inspiration for many aspiring pizza owners. Frank has certainly gone far from being a pizza vendor in the market, having established one of the popular pizzeria in Massachusetts. It's just a matter of hard work and dedication to have a successful and established business. It also helps to have the right tools to keep your ship right.

  6. Thank you for the video, It will inspire me so much.

    Jacob of nuvali

  7. I have always dreamed of opening my on pizzeria. I would love to bring the great taste of pizza cooked in a brick oven to my city. It would be the talk of the town I am sure.

  8. Hey, this is really interesting story about how you started your pizza restaurant. Nice article!


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