Tuesday, May 22, 2007

21-Inches New York Style Pizza

By Anna Phommatham,

The Only New York Style Pizza That Won't Fit In Your Car!

No this news is not about the movie "The Pizza That Wouldn't Fit In My Car" is actually about real New York style Pizza Restaurant that sells a 21-inches pizza that wouldn't fit on a normal sport car, it doesn't matter where you plan to put it because even the trunk will be a tide fit :)

Is a lot what you can learn from Redballs R & R Pizza restaurant...

Redballs R & R Pizza restaurant is a successful New York business simple because they took a creaive idea put it together with pizza and turn it into a money making small business.

From the idea to make the popular New York's pizza even more popular by making it bigger to having a really inviting place, so inviting that you will prefer to eat your huge pizza there and forget about the movie.

"If you drive a Mustang or anything like it, that pizza box won't fit in the front or back seats and barely makes it into the trunk. So, OK, just get it delivered.

But then you wouldn't get to enjoy Redballs R & R Pizza's d├ęcor, which is, along with the Hoboken sausage and peppers wedge, a high point of the experience.

The faces of rock musicians from the last 30 years look down from walls papered with black-and-white concert posters, music magazine covers and clips, backstage passes, tickets, band photos and other memorabilia from the owner's 20 years of collecting. Lighting fixtures are snare drums suspended from the ceiling like chandeliers. The floor is done in hexagonal black-and-white tiles reminiscent of the East Village. And the tables are each covered in a different pattern of black, white and red — polka dot, plaid, stripes.

Behind the counter you'll usually see a guy who fits right in with the music-biz aesthetic. Clothed in pizza-cook whites, he's wearing an enormous tam that covers a head full of dreads. Meet David Vieira, who not only owns Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza, but also co-owns, with his wife, Petra, the shop next door — Redballs, a well-known purveyor of stage wear for rock musicians (leather jackets for the likes of X and the Misfits).

The pizza joint is the love child born of a conversation between Vieira and Elliot Easton, guitarist for the rock group the Cars. The two friends, former New Yorkers, used to bemoan the dearth of good pizza in their part of the Valley — until Vieira decided to do something about it. He moved his clothing retail outlet from Universal CityWalk to this spot on Topanga Canyon Boulevard across from Westfield Topanga mall and, persevering through a two-year start-up process, opened Rock & Roll Pizza last December."
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