Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pizza Business Expo With The Largest Pizza Trade Show In The World

By Anna Phommatham and Luis Galarza,

This Is A Pizza Business Expo You Don't Want To Miss!

Specially if you went to Nascent Food Service Exhibits with Bellissimo Foods at Pizza Expo, the Largest Pizza Trade Show in the World in March last year... This year the next pizza expo will be in Las Vegas on April just visit the Pizza Expo web site to get the schedule for the next trade show or any other upcoming event.

An expo is a great place to learn more about this type of restaurant business. Plus, you don't want to forget all the networking you will be doing there with other restaurant owners, suppliers, franchisees, and food industry leaders.

Hope you can make it to the event...

To Your Success,

Anna Phommatham, Restaurant Business Consultant


  1. i completely recommend this pizza expo, is one of the best places to be if you want to start a pizza restaurant business.

    Great blog guys...

    Mike J

  2. Attending seminars like this is definitely recommended if you want to start your own pizza restaurant business. Luckily, there are now many lending companies that offers restaurant loans or merchant loans to those business-minded individuals who would like funding in their business. Managing your own business is ideal for many as you are in charge of everything.

  3. If you have dreamed of going into business for yourself by starting a pizza shop or restaurant, you may be able to get started sooner than you thought. While one way of getting started is to purchase a franchise of a well-known national chain, this is expensive and you will probably be limited regarding your creativity dealing with menu items and decor.

    Amazing Blog

  4. I could say that I successfully expanded my business and it's still growing. The thing that's been keeping mind busy now is where to find the best online payroll services, which would handle my accounting matters. With the everyday business, I don't have much time for payroll. Las Vegas is a very busy place with lots of market competitions, so I want to focus more on how to maintain my good business status.

  5. Lay your hot pizza pan on a flat surface for easiest and even cutting. Lay on a large wooden board, or an opened large dish towel. Pizza Equipment

  6. Truly a great place of all who want to meet and interact with people from the restaurant business. For someone who has plans to invest in franchise business, the Pizza Expo by Nascent Food Service Exhibits with Bellissimo Foods is surely a must visit.

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