Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pizza Restaurant With Poor Service

By Anna Phommatham,

Poor Or Bad Service IS The Biggest Mistake That Can Make A Pizza Restaurant Fail Hard On The Ground!

Yes, if you plan to build a long term successful pizza restaurant business you need to know that it doesn't matter how good is the food you offer or how expensive or cheap is your menu prices... What can rip the success path out of a pizza restaurant is poor service!

A restaurant that offers poor or bad service to their customers and visitors will kill their own chances to make big profits and to survive in this thought business industry.

Now what type of poor service is the worst. Well, research has teach us that sometimes slow service can miss by customer eyes, but when it comes to rude service their bad buzz and word of mouth will destroy your pizza business faster than you can say "let's fix it".

So, make sure to implement the best service that you can to keep customers and to let their good word of mouth generate a bigger customer base.

To Your Success,

Anna Phommatham

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