Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Starting Pizza Business: Telecommunications Is Key To Success

By Anna Phommatham and Luis Galarza,

Does Your Pizza Restaurant Have a Good Telecommunication System In Place?

A recent marketing report from Pizza Hut shows that one of the best elements for a successful pizza business start-up, is having a top notch telecommunication system that is design to help you and your staff take care of your customers.

Now having smart technology to help you communicate more efficiently is key when running a shop which business plan goal is to grow to a top level food service venture. It doesn't matter if you are starting out in a small or big town, you need make sure that every aspect of your line of connectivity with customers is in place and running 100% error free.

You need good connectivity for:

  1. Taking orders.
  2. Answering questions.
  3. Fixing problem with orders.
  4. Communicating with delivery staff.
  5. Verifying a customer address.
  6. Taking online orders.
  7. For employees personal use.
  8. To take orders by fax.
  9. To make orders from vendors.
  10. For emergencies.
  11. For equipment maintenance and repair.
  12. To take multiple orders at the same time.
  13. To help multiple clients.
  14. A complaint hot line.
  15. A voicemail system.

I know it sound a little too much. The thing is that a pizza parlor is a fast cash flow business, almost like a McDonald's, which mean you better be ready for it... You don't want to begin selling food with a poor system that can't handle the call traffic.

At the beginning.

Now when you just starting out can have some of the basics of the connectivity system, so your new venture can be ready, just make sure to get high quality service or you will regret it. Here are a few element to begin strong:

1. At least 3 phone lines so you can take care of your customers in a timely fashion.

2. Two phone system that have all 3 lines integrated, so anyone can use the phones as needed.

3. A voicemail to help you manage the daily calls, and closed time inquiries.

4. Another thing you need to have is the right amount of staff to take care of the incoming and outgoing calls.

What About Delivery...

Yes, what about when you decide to offer pizza delivery? In this case you have to choices:
  • First, you can hire staff that own a cell-phone, or...
  • You can provide a cell-phone to each delivery person.

These two choices will depend in your investment budget, and also how you are planning to operate the delivery process. Personally, I recommend you to offer the cell-phones to those that don't own their own one, but have a good driving record and a car in good maintenance. But, is actually better when they have their own phones.

To Your Success,

Anna Phommatham, Restaurant Business Consultant.


  1. I think one thing that can make pizza shops stand out right now is order tracking. It makes you feel connected with your order. You can see exactly when the delivery person has left so you can prepare their arrival.

  2. You're right - telecommunication is the way to success in a pizza hut business. I can attest to that because as a customer, I really appreciate the promptness of the delivery of the ordered pizzas at home by some big companies. Customers are then very satisfied.

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  6. I love that photo. It is funny but it looks cool. Pizza with antenna? I like that I wish someone make that kind of pizza.

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  11. While you need to be different, don't be so different in your concept that customers won't "get it." If you're too weird or too different, you'll have to spend too much time educating your clientele. Opening a raw food eatery in Pocatello, Idaho, for instance, may not fly.

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